Review of Giordano's Pizza in Kissimmee, Florida

May 20, 2022 199


Giordano's is an Italian restaurant that specializes in Chicago deep-dish pizzas. The idea for Giordano's was created in Torino, Italy, by Mama Giordano. She specialized in making what's called an Italian Easter Pie, which is the double-crusted and cheese-stuffed pizza we know today as the deep-dish pizza. In 1974, the first Giordano's was opened in Chicago, and now Giordano's has 65 locations around the United States.

You can find Giordano's in Illinois, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota. Giordano's specializes in Italian food. In addition to pizza, they serve calamari, chicken Parmesan, and pasta, but the restaurant is most famous for their Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas.

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