Public Art in San Diego's Little Italy

Jan 12, 2019 378

AV8 is currently leading the proverbial race for Public Art in Little Italy with the addition of this vibrant mural entitled Além da costa (Beyond the coast) and Prima dell’orizzonte (Before the horizon). The recent artwork was the vision of CYRCLE, a two-man collective comprised of Los Angeles-born artists David Leavitt and David Torres. Their signature artwork focuses on life, duality, and the human condition, combined with the aesthetic consideration of form, typeface, color, and balance.

The tuna and the fishing net depicted relate to the history of Little Italy, which housed more than 6,000 Italian and Portuguese immigrants at one time. The female aviator figure (taken from a 1940 war time image) reinforces the notion of looking back at history whilst gazing toward the future (as arriving flights pass by).

The motif of the sun is repeated throughout the mural, emphasizing the sun as a primary component and symbol of the San Diego climate and lifestyle. The figure holds an antique Italian tarot card of the sun, a card which portends good fortune, happiness, joy, and harmony. The yellow fishing net also acts as a surrogate sun, and the repetitive “SUN” text echoes the sun’s force in local culture. - CYRCLE.


The Association have began scouting various locations throughout the district for a similar application. We believe public art is one of the most effective ways to draw foot traffic and attract subsequent patronage to any given area. As such, we encourage you to adopt this mindset and view every blank wall as a blank canvas. Considering the plethora of available wall space in our district, we expect to see several more installations in the future. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this facet of the community, please email

SOURCE: San Diego's Little Italy Association

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