Paola Pivi Comes to The Warhol with Mattresses, Polar Bears and Shoes

May 13, 2022 136

BY: Lauren Davidson

There’s a new, zen-like space at The Andy Warhol Museum. The first things you’ll notice in the gallery are stacks of colorful mattresses hanging above one another. The work, “Milano,” was produced in collaboration with More-So, a division of Italian design company Moroso, and you’re invited to slip on some shoe coverings and hop inside.

“They kind of have this sort of whimsical, ‘Princess and the Pea’ — they look folkloric, they look mythological,” says José Carlos Diaz, chief curator at The Warhol, of this section of Italian artist Paola Pivi’s new exhibit, “Paola Pivi: I Want It All”. “The idea is you can crawl inside and have your own little sort of sanctuary or habitat.”

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