‘Padre Pio’ Trailer: Shia LaBeouf Is An Italian Priest In Abel Ferrara’s Latest Drama

May 11, 2023 3146

It’s not all that surprising that the most intriguing aspect of Abel Ferrara’s upcoming drama, “Padre Pio” might not be anything that is actually relevant to the plot of the film. Instead, it’s the curiosity of seeing Shia LaBeouf begin his latest career revival after abuse allegations surfaced. And now, audiences will be able to see if LaBeouf and Ferrara are able to collaborate on something worth seeing more than just as a novelty.

As seen in the trailer, “Padre Pio” stars LaBeouf as the title character, an Italian priest attempting to overcome his own struggles after World War I. As mentioned, the film is probably best known as the return of LaBeouf, but it’s also intriguing as the actor has credited this role as being a pivotal moment in his own life and spiritual journey. 

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