A NY Times Op-Ed Slamming The Aperol Spritz Has The Internet All Up In Its Feelings

May 11, 2019 839

BY: Koh Mochizuki

Plenty of things are sparking debates online, and the latest thing is the Aperol Spritz. James Beard Award-nominated Rebekah Pepple snubbed the Prosecco, club soda, Aperol and orange slice concoction in an incendiary New York Times op-ed titled, “The Aperol Spritz Is Not a Good Drink.”

She slammed the Italian wine-based aperitif, describing it as something that “drinks like a Capri Sun after soccer practice on a hot day. Not in a good way.” Geez, what did the bubbly elixir ever do to her? Whatever is the origin of her animosity, Pepple launched an online battle, and social media users were telling friends to hold their drinks.

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SOURCE: https://guacamoley.com/

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