NIAF Announces Landmark Partnership with Genoa's Paganini Prize

Jul 09, 2024 119

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), the City of Genoa and the Paganini Prize have signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding to promote the prestigious Paganini International Violin Competition in the United States, marking a significant step in the Prize's internationalization efforts.

The partnership between the Paganini Prize and NIAF is set to make a significant impact on the classical music scene in both Italy and the United States. As the Paganini Competition celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2024, this collaboration aims to promote classical music, nurture young talent, and strengthen cultural ties between the two countries.

The agreement outlines a series of initiatives designed to showcase the competition's prestige and expand its reach across the Atlantic.

"This agreement marks a decisive step for the Paganini Prize. Thanks to this collaboration with NIAF, we can further consolidate our internationalization objectives. The new Artistic Director, Nicola Bruzzo, and the new Jury President, the renowned Maestro Uto Ughi, will make significant contributions to achieving these goals,” stated Giovanni Panebianco, President of the Paganini Prize. 

Central to this partnership is NIAF's commitment to promoting three high-profile concerts in major U.S. cities. These performances, featuring finalists and winners from the 57th and 58th Paganini Competitions, will take place in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, bringing the exceptional talent fostered by the competition to American audiences. Beyond these concerts, the collaboration encompasses a broader range of activities aimed at promoting the competition's legacy.

NIAF President Robert Allegrini was recently named a Paganini Ambassador, and the prestigious recognition was conferred during a concert in Rome at the splendid Palazzo Ruspoli, featuring performances by young violinist Jingzhi Zhang, second-place winner of the 57th competition in 2023, and celebrated pianist Gile Bae.

Recognizing the importance of engaging younger generations with classical music, the agreement places special emphasis on attracting young people's attention through diverse socio-cultural initiatives. By combining the prestige of the Paganini Prize with NIAF's extensive network and resources, this partnership seeks to ensure a bright future for classical music appreciation and violin performance on both sides of the Atlantic.

"NIAF is proud and honored by the connection with the Paganini Prize, which reflects both its strong commitment to the City of Genoa and the desire to fulfill its mission of celebrating Italian culture in the United States by promoting Italy's incomparable musical heritage. Paganini's repertoire is an important element of that heritage and continues to enrich the world with its sublime beauty," added Allegrini.

The partnership will leverage various channels to highlight the rich musical heritage associated with Niccolò Paganini, the city of Genoa, and the Italian American community. This will include publicizing organized events and facilitating cultural exchanges. NIAF will also play a crucial role in helping secure sponsorships and partnerships to support the Paganini Prize, with a particular focus on bolstering the upcoming 58th edition scheduled for October 2025.

"This is a truly significant and promising agreement, never before signed, that will propel Paganini and Genoa across the ocean. After Paris, Madrid, and London, our internationalization horizons are expanding further, crossing the Atlantic," concluded Barbara Grosso, Councilor for Cultural Policies of the Municipality of Genoa.

The agreement was signed in Rome on May 27, 2024, and will be in effect for the next 24 months.


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