'Napoli Napoli' exhibit lets visitors dip into history

Sep 09, 2019 1083

The harmony and the refined nature of the ceramics of the Capodimonte Museum alongside San Carlo theatre costumes, art inspired by Vesuvius and music will form the core of an exhibition showcasing history. The exhibition, entitled 'Napoli Napoli. Di Lava, Porcellana e Musica' ('Naples Naples: Of Lava, Porcelain and Music') will open on September 21 and run through June 21 at the Capodimonte Museum and Royal Forest.

Curated by Sylvain Bellenger and sponsored by the Capodimonte Museum and Royal Forest(Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte) in collaboration with Naples' Teatro di San Carlo, produced and organized by the Electa publishing house, the exhibition will enable visitors to dip into the Bourbonic era, when the city was the capital of the kingdom during the 18th century and beyond, from the years of Charles III to those of Ferdinand II.

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SOURCE: http://www.ansa.it/

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