‘Naples ’44’ remembers Italy during WWII

Dec 05, 2017 1117

BY: John Soltes

The new film Naples ’44, currently playing the Film Forum in New York City, depicts the events during and after World War II in one of the most dynamic cities of the world. Naples, Italy, faced many obstacles during the Nazi occupation and fascist era, and they were poignantly brought to bear in Norman Lewis’ original memoir. Now director Francesco Patierno has crafted a unique documentary that reexamines and relives the experiences of that time period and that city.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) offers a narration, using Lewis’ words to evoke a spirit of distress and hope amongst the communities of Naples. Coupled with his iconic voice are film clips of Italy in the mid-20th century and archival footage of the time period. Taken together, Naples ’44 proves to be an engaging lesson in riveting history and sad reality.

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