Montclair Gets pastaRAMEN – An Italian Ramen Sensation Opening Saturday

Jan 25, 2023 116

You no longer have to choose between Italian or ramen. pastaRAMEN, a pop-up dining experience at secret locations in Montclair, New York, Miami and Los Angeles,  is now making its permanent home in Montclair. This first-ever Italian ramen shop brings Japanese and Italian cuisine under one roof in a style called “Wafu-Italian,” which directly translates to “in the style of Japanese and Italian” and blends ingredients, textures and techniques from both worlds.

Robbie Felice, chef-owner of the critically acclaimed Viaggio Ristorante and Osteria Crescendo, and Luck Sarabhayavanija, of Ani Ramen and Montclair Hospitality Group, are partners in the new venture. The two longtime friends came up with the idea for pastaRAMEN in 2020 as a way to support restaurant staff during the pandemic and maintain the ability to dine in an intimate setting. 

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