‘Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition’

Sep 17, 2018 1964

BY: Dave Davison

Since its completion in 1908, the Tacoma Armory has been many things. Originally it was made to house the Washington National Guard. It had horse stables and space for drilling, as well as a swimming pool. Almost from the beginning it has been a cultural touchstone of the city, providing a venue for concerts, balls, sporting events and speechifying by passing dignitaries like King Olav of Norway and Presidents Taft, Wilson and Truman.

Designated a historic building in 1976 and decommissioned by the military in 2011, the Armory now contains offices and continues to host a variety of events – even serving as a temporary home for the Pantages while that historic theater is undergoing renovation. Beginning Sept. 21, the Armory is going to serve as something of a stand-in for Rome’s Sistine Chapel when is will become Washington’s only venue showing “Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition,” a touring exhibit that is making its way through the United States.

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SOURCE: https://tacomaweekly.com/

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