Marina di Sibari: one of the most beautiful places in Calabria

May 13, 2022 177

BY: Marco Fogliazza

In Italy there are small towns with a glorious past that today have become a tourist destination such as Marina di Sibari in Calabria in the province of Cosenza. The small town is a fraction of the municipality of Cassano all’Ionio. In the past, it was an important colony of Magna Graecia. This Italian region is characterized by the presence of splendid landscapes with its marvelous coasts and crystal-clear sea.

For this reason, over the years it has always been an area appreciated by the many tourists who visit it every year. Here you can find out where Sibari is and what are the things to do and see in these places. You can also discover the beautiful beaches of this area and get to know the recipes of traditional Calabrian cuisine. Finally, you will know the best places to stay during a holiday in Marina di Sibari.

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