“Made in” labelling/2:  Vice Minister Carlo Calenda wants to include furniture and jewelry

May 12, 2015 1326

by Laura Cavestri

The Italian government plans to keep fighting for "Made In" labelling. As the Vice Minister for Economic Development Carlo Calenda (who also oversees international trade) has explained: it's yes to a "Made In" limited to five sectors - ceramics, footwear and textile-clothing as proposed by the EU Commission, but also including woodworking-home furnishing and gold jewelry - with no distinctions between large and small companies and with a three or five-year test period before going to mandatory labeling.

The next European Council on Competition to establish final outlines for "Made In" will be May 28. But lobbying and technical meetings will start next week in order to arrive at a basic agreement by the end of the month.

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Fonte: Italy24

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