A Long Weekend Guide to the Aeolian Islands

Aug 05, 2022 114

Named after the mythical god of the wind, the seven Aeolian islands off Sicily are a remote destination full of wild, rugged adventure. The lack of mass flights means the islands are blissfully peaceful, a time capsule of slow-paced Italian summer holidays that belong in an Elena Ferrante novel. To write an Aeolian Islands guide is not a matter of deciding what to include, but how to possibly encapsulate it all.

To get here, take a flight to Palermo or Catania, a taxi or train to Milazzo, and then a hydrofoil ferry out into the deep blue abyss of the Aeolians. Otherwise, five of the seven islands have helipads, with helicopter transfers available from Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. However, you decide to travel, daily life slips further away with each leg of the journey, until the striking volcanic islands loom on the horizon and time slows down a notch.

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SOURCE: https://elitetraveler.com

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