Little Italy in the Northstate: Paesano Days brings Italian culture, food and fun to Redding, CA

Sep 19, 2023 143

BY: Tyler Van Dyke

A little taste of Italy came to the Northstate with Paesano Days. It took place at South City Park in Redding on Friday and Saturday. Eventgoer Kent Eikanas explained to KRCR’s Tyler Van Dyke why he enjoyed the event so much. "The funness is really the comradery that everybody experiences together, everybody has fun everybody supports each other,” Eikanas said. The community event brought with it Italian cuisine, culture, and sports.

It's been going on for close to 40 years, and President of the Sons of Italy Shasta Lodge, Jim Nobili, told KRCR’s Tyler Van Dyke it didn't originally start as a big community event. "It began at Anderson River Park and it started off as just a club membership club thing and people started wandering in smelling all the good foods so we decided to make an event out of it” Nobili said.

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