'Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend' Trailer Shows Two Car Giants Locked in a Tense Battle

Nov 05, 2022 446

BY: Matt Villei

Collider is excited to exclusively reveal the official trailer for the upcoming biography film Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend. The high-speed story about the man behind one of the world's most iconic car brands is set to release in select theaters as well as on-demand and digital on November 18.

The trailer shows us the trials and tribulations that Ferruccio Lamborghini went through in order to make the car that is now synonymous with luxury. The trailer opens with a long Lamborghini (Romano Reggiani), who is shown to be a farmer and someone who loves to race cars. These two parts of his life shape his future, as we jump to a much older and richer Lamborghini, who owns his own tractor company.

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SOURCE: https://collider.com

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