Italy & the Simultaneous Age

Apr 14, 2021 347

Wed, April 14, 2021. 10:30 PM – 11:30 PM CEST. Online event. What is the role of Italians in the development of our communication age? What impact did telephones, wireless telegraphy (radio), and gramophones have on the creation of our simultaneous world? How did Italian intellectuals like Marinetti and Pasolini read the new experience of ubiquity brought forth by broadcasting? How does their reflection on radio and television apply to our internet age?

In this presentation, Dr. Luca Cottini will explore the evolution of our communication age (from the telegraph to the I-Phone), the Italian contribution to these developments (Meucci, Marconi, Caruso, etc), and the role of culture in new media.

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SOURCE: Italian Innovators

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