“Italy’s growth is accelerating, we are getting out of a diabolical trap,” says Economy Minister Padoan to US investors

Jun 13, 2016 1063

By Carmine Fotina

Italian "growth is accelerating," bucking the trends in the rest of the world, according to Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan. Speaking at a conference on foreign investment organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Padoan cited a global economic landscape where "the rate of growth is slower than had been imagined, with all major institutions cutting forecasts — and that obviously impacts a nation with a free and open market like Italy."

Yet Italy's growth is accelerating "thanks to internal demand," he said. "Consumption and investments are both picking up." Padoan said the nation "is emerging from a diabolical trap that has frozen economic growth for 20 years."

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Fonte: Italy24

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