‘I’m just a cook’: Meet the Eldorado’s new executive chef

Mar 08, 2017 1909

BY: Johnathan L. Wright

Ivano Centemeri, the new executive chef of the Eldorado Resort Casino, doesn’t mind seeing red (it would be hard, after all, for an Italian chef to avoid tomatoes). But white? He doesn’t want to see white. As in a white chef’s coat. The Word Against White came the other morning in La Strada, the property’s flagship Italian restaurant, as Centemeri tested dishes for an appreciation lunch for 45 employees of the food and beverage department.

“I want to do these meals; I want to go above and beyond for them,” he said. “I should be the one to cook these meals. I don’t want to be the executive chef here all nice and white in my coat and you bust your ass.” Although every executive chef makes the job his own (or, more rarely, her own), at least one thing is the same everywhere: Budgets, scheduling, meetings and other administrative duties take you away from the day-to-day cooking that drew you to kitchen life in the first place.

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SOURCE: http://www.rgj.com

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