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Sep 15, 2019 1085

In last month's Italian Citizenship Assistance article, we went over the subject of Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis – application at the Italian consulate. 

There is one other possibility that we have not discussed yet, and that is the process of applying in Italy. There are many who choose to apply in Italy due to the fact that there are very long wait times at most of the Italian consulates around the world.  Many Italian consulates are only able to make appointments at a minimum of 1-2 years in advance and some even have longer waits just for the initial appointment. One of the biggest advantages of applying is Italy is that there are no appointments necessary which eliminates these wait times that you have outside of Italy, which can also significantly shorten the overall length of time to complete your process.  Once the applicant/petitioner has all their documents ready to go, it is possible to simply walk into a comune (an Italian municipality) and apply on the spot during normal hours of operation. However, the caveat is that not all comuni (the plural of comune) are familiar with this process and sometimes even if the comuni are familiar with the process, that does not mean that the clerks are also acquainted with it.  Many clerks find this process unusual and even viewed by some as quite peculiar to say the least.  Many clerks don’t even know that it is possible to claim citizenship and that it is in fact legal under Italian law.

Regardless, there are a number of comuni around the country that are at the very least somewhat familiar with the  procedure and even some allow you to submit your documents before you arrive to pre-process your file.   This can help to expedite the process even more.  Applying in Italy also gives the advantage to those who are already considering living in Italy or abroad to get better acquainted with the land of their ancestors and to be able to experience what daily life is really like immediately, without any wait. 

There are also situations when a person has dealt with a consulate outside of Italy and found it difficult and applying in Italy may be preferred.  One example of this is a client of ours who was applying in Sicily.  She is a young woman who was living in London, England where the wait times are not only long, but it can also be a challenge to even get an appointment to begin with, because their system is often backlogged. 

When applying in Italy, it is very important to keep in mind that it is necessary to reside in Italy legally. In order for the local comune to process your file, you are required to be a resident in their jurisdiction.  For our clients who choose to apply in Italy, we are able to assist you in finding accommodations and registering with the local municipality.  We have had a number of clients come to apply in the city where our head Italian offices are located.  This can be quite a benefit to have someone be there locally for you during this transition to living in a new country where everything is different. Another service we offer for those who are lacking a strong command of the Italian language is to accompany you when you present your documents to the Italian government. We are also able to call ahead to a comune of your choice to verify if they are familiar with the process. For example, If you would like to present your documents to the comune where your family is originally from, we can call ahead to see if they understand the intricacies of Jure Sanguinis  and if they are able to move forward in the correct manner it so everything can go as smooth as possible.

For more information about ICA and the services we offer you can visit our website ItalianCitizenshipAssistance.com if you’re interested in an obligation free consultation with one of our dual citizenship experts do not hesitate to get in touch!


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