‘He’s taken the path the right way’: Tory Verdi plants his flag

Jan 08, 2023 479

BY: Lulu Kesin

Tory Verdi referenced a video while on a Zoom call in November 2021. Not because it was a learning experience and not because it was an example of success by a team under his mentorship. Nothing to do with basketball actually. Thuds of a beat masked by the screams of “aye” echoed through the small space. As Verdi’s finger pointed in the air in rhythm with the song; the screams heightened.

He then hit the sprinkler before his final move, a fluid combination of the vintage lawnmower, ending with a hip twist of some sorts. The Eastern Michigan University locker room was amped. Verdi too. EMU advanced to the 2015 Mid-American Conference finals, riding an eight-game win streak. Celebrations were valid. 

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SOURCE: https://dailycollegian.com

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