‘Genocide’: South Bay Columbus statue vandalized

Feb 26, 2019 1506

BY: Matthew Meyer

A Christoper Columbus statue in the South Bay was found vandalized Sunday morning, with red paint splashed on the figure's head and the word "genocide" scrawled in red spray paint along its base. Viewer Mel McBroome spotted the vandalism at Discovery Park in Rancho Del Rey, a neighborhood of Chula Vista, and sent FOX 5 a photo. "Genocide," reads the graffiti on a Christopher Columbus statue in Chula Vista. 

Following that tip, a news photographer arrived at the park just as a crew showed up to clean off the paint, first using a pressure washer and then scrubbing with a brush and cleaning solution. City crews mentioned that people have tried to saw off the legs and arms of the Columbus figure in the past, but police did not confirm any previous attacks.

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SOURCE: https://fox5sandiego.com/

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