A Foodie Tour of Italy: 27 Bucket List Food Experiences

Nov 25, 2021 152

How do you begin planning a foodie tour to Italy? With so many great things to do in Italy, even narrowing it down to food tours and experiences would still take years to hit the highlights! But we are undeterred. You’ve got to start someplace, right? We wanted to create a bucket list just for all the great Italy food experiences — for the foodies, the buongustaios, the travelers like you and me who visit Italy just for the food!

Nothing against the culturally significant UNESCO heritage sites, endless ruins for archeology lovers, religious pilgrimage sites, and must-see sites for historophiles, oenophiles and cinephiles. They’re all well worth a visit. But in a country like Italy where you’re surrounded by good food, all we want to do is eat! #sorrynotsorry

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SOURCE: https://www.italyfoodies.com/

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