‘Feisty’ Italian spirit fuels Newark native’s career in NFL

Feb 22, 2017 1430

BY: Gabe Spadaccini

When we think of Italians, certain things come to mind: food, wine, romance, coffee, conversation, etc. Seldom do we think of professional athletes as part of everyday Italian culture, but things are a bit different for Chicago Bears tight end and Delaware native Justin Perillo. Justin’s parents grew up in Wilmington, but his family’s roots can be traced back to the Province of Avellino in southern Italy.

As I sat down with Justin at his kitchen table to talk about his ancestry and career, Italian heritage stimulated all of my senses. A pan of chicken crackled with grease next to a steaming pot of boiling water that held fresh pasta. Voices from the city drifted in through the windows, adding texture to the instrumental jazz music that played softly from a corner, and the smell of a platter full of cheeses and Italian meats lingered in the air.

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SOURCE: http://italianamericanherald.com

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