Federvini: Italy is the first country for growth in wine exports

Nov 25, 2021 160

Federvini relaunches its Economic Observatory, in partnership with Nomisma and Trade Lab, with the aim of regularly providing data and research in terms of market trends, present and future trends and responsible consumption models. The two studies Wines, Spirits and Vinegars were presented at the presentation held today at the Feltrinelli Foundation: Market Values and Competitiveness, curated by Nomisma, and Wines and Spirits in the Away From Home Consumption Market, created by TradeLab.

“The data show that our sectors are in good health - said Federvini president Micaela Pallini -, however it would be wrong to conclude that all is well. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a resurgence of the pandemic which, together with inflationary tensions on raw materials and increases in transport costs, seriously endanger the growth of our companies in 2022.

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SOURCE: https://www.efanews.eu

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