'Everybody's family once they walk through the door.' Maria's Pizza Palace in Colchester

Apr 05, 2022 1089


This week's edition of the Local Flavor features Nasoula Koutsofavas of Maria's Pizza Palace in Colchester. Koutsofavas was born and raised in Griswold and Colchester by her parents, both newly immigrated from Greece. They found work in the United States in the restaurant industry and carved out their own paths. It's there that Koutsofavas found her legs for the business, working at her parents' restaurants.

She met her husband, Dimitri, in Greece and, together, they came to work at Maria's Pizza Palace. For Koutsofavas, it was like a sixth sense, adopting her parents' work ethic and passion to build her experience at the restaurant. It wasn't long until her parents were ready to take a step back, handing the reins over to the Koutsofavas.

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SOURCE: https://eu.norwichbulletin.com/

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