Ecumenical Dinner at Accademia Italiana della cucina in Los Angeles

Oct 26, 2021 639

BY: Mariella Salvatori

Accademia Italiana della cucina (The Academy of Italian Cuisine), Los Angeles delegation, during the annual ecumenical dinner on October 21st gave to chef Gino Angelini the prestigious recognition “La buona Tavola”. The Academy reserves this prize for restaurants that observe Italian tradition culinary and good quality.  The convivial gatherings culminate in the yearly Ecumenical Dinner.

Held on the same day in every Delegation’s territory as a variegated celebration of the annual theme, which informs not only about the menu but also the speakers’ and other participants’ contributions, the Ecumenical Dinner is a lively opportunity for cultural edification. The theme this year was: Wood and undergrowth. Nuts, mushrooms, truffles, berries in the tradition of the Regions. Chef Angelini received from the Academicians a warm applause for the menu he suggested and prepared. The best dish was risotto with berries and roses.


Squash flowers, pizza wit mushrooms and truffle, little artichokes roman style - prosecco ANERI Valdobbiadene DOCG

Risotto with roses and berries

Grilled scallops with mushrooms - Brovia Arneis Roero DOCG

Veal cheek with polenta - Fufluss cabernet blend Trentino TDGT 

Panna cotta with berries 

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