Did you know that the first life jacket was invented by the Romans?

Jul 09, 2024 132

We all know that life jackets are a crucial device for water safety, but not many among un may be aware that their origins are ancient and … Italian. The concept of buoyancy aids can be traced back to ancient times, with one of the earliest accounts involving the Roman scholar and soldier, Pliny the Elder,  who documented how Roman soldiers used inflated animal skins to stay afloat while crossing rivers, highlighting an early understanding of flotation principles.

The Renaissance period brought further advancements, notably through the genius of Leonardo da Vinci: among his myriad inventions, Leonardo sketched designs for a buoyant vest made of reed tubes, intended to keep a person afloat. While it’s unclear if these designs were ever constructed, Leonardo’s work underscores the evolving knowledge of buoyancy and personal flotation devices during that era.

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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