Clean sea, 95% of Italian coasts is "excellent"

Jun 21, 2024 263

A stamp of very high quality, for the Italian beaches where this year you can dive trusting in excellent water. Certifying this is a newly published study: 95 percent of the Italian coastline dedicated to bathing, or something like 5,090 kilometers, is of "excellent" quality.

This is a significantly higher percentage than the European average. Moreover, if we also add the stretches of beach with "good" classification, so 153 kilometers or 2.9 percent of the total, we arrive at 98.5 percent. That leaves Only 32 kilometers (0.6%) fall in the "sufficient" quality class, and 44 kilometers in the "poor" class equal to 0.8%.

The percentage of excellence, at the territorial level, rises to 99.7 percent of beaches in Apulia, 99 percent in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 98.4 percent in Sardinia and 98.2 percent in Tuscany.

Not only sea, to honor Italian tourism there are also beaches si lakes and rivers. Here, too, the percentage of excellence reaches over 95 percent: out of the 662 km over which monitoring takes place, as many as 630 km are washed by water of "excellent" quality, equal to 95.2 percent of the total monitored.

These are also joined by 20 km, or 3.1%, of "good" quality. Less bright, however, are the 6 km of "sufficient" quality, or 0.9%, and 1 km of "poor" quality, or 0.2%.

To assess the bathability of waters, concentrations of Escherichia coli and intestinal enterococci were analyzed on about 26 thousand seawater samples and more than 2,300 river and lake water samples.

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