Chef Bottura, Building a Better Food System through Culture, Belonging, and Community at Refettorios Across the World

Nov 25, 2021 141

BY: erena Perfetto

To make something valuable out of something that might be seen as not having any value at all. It’s with these words that Chef Massimo Bottura, well known worldwide for his three-Michelin-star restaurant in Modena, explains what’s the spirit of his Refettorios. The Italian word comes from Latin and means “to re-make” and “to restore.” Originally a place where monks gathered together to share their daily meal, it is now where food, culture, and sense of belonging come together to create a community.

With locations in Italy, France, UK, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Peru, and the United States, the Refettorios are just one of the initiatives led by Chef Bottura and Laura Gilmore’s project, Food for Soul. With learning networks and innovation hubs, the initiative aims at building a more sustainable and inclusive food system, as well as providing basic human needs, increasing well-being, and accelerating opportunities for social mobility.

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