Carrara, Tuscany Guide: Explore the Famous City of Marble

Aug 06, 2022 98

Carrara, in northern Tuscany, is built along a river below the famous marble quarries that have been in use since Roman times and where famous Renaissance sculptors such as Michelangelo sourced their marble. Carrara is not only known as the city of marble but also as the birthplace of anarchism in Italy (in late 19th century) and it still remains a center of anarchism today.

Strolling around Carrara’s historic center you’ll see plenty of marble used in buildings and statues. Be sure to stop in at Pizzeria Tognozzi, Via Santa Maria 12, to try gnam gnam, farinata (chickpea pancake) served in a focaccia. Thanks to our friends Martha and Mike of A Path to Lunch for introducing us to this delicious snack and the sights of Carrara.

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