Black Gold of Atri

May 13, 2022 143

It has happened to everyone to buy licorice, attracted by its aspect as black as coal and by its unmistakable taste as particular as pleasant. Not everyone knows it, but Abruzzo is one of the major producers of licorice and the town of Atri is considered the cradle of the processing of the root of this plant: in fact, licorice has been produced in Atri for almost 300 years, with national and international success.

Atri's licorice: a centuries-long history
Licorice, which we all consume in the form of wheels, candies, sugared almonds or sticks, derives from a medicinal plant known even to ancient people: it is enough to think that licorice was also found in the tomb of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamon. 

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