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Apr 07, 2013 2973

The original thought of "Big Ang" doing one night in NYC at St. Luke's has quickly been changed since she sold out less than twenty-four hours following her announcement on the Wendy Williams show. After receiving hundreds of tweets and facebook messages from angry fans who could not get tickets, she called her agent and immediately asked for another night in "My Big Gay Italian Wedding." She said, "I fell in love with the cast and crew of this show during rehearsals and I think Broadway could be what I was born to do!"

Big Ang will be officiating the wedding both performances as well as taking on Anizetta Azzupetta, the outspoken caterer from Brooklyn. She said on the Wendy Williams show, "The gays love me, they support me and I support them right back!" Several signature celebrities have already purchased tickets and plan on attending to show their support.

Presented by Bianco Productions, the production is helmed by Emmy Award-winning director Sonia Blangiardo ("One Life To Live, "As the World Turns") and features original music and lyrics by David James Boyd and original choreography by J. Austin Eyer. Wilkinson and Daniel Robinson (Hairspray) star as the respective grooms, Anthony Pinnunziato and Andrew Polinski, with recording artists Kim Sozzi ("Feel Your Love") and Judy Torres ("No Reason To Cry") alternating the role of Aunt Toniann.

My Big Gay Italian Wedding satirizes the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage while drawing on larger than life gay and Italian characters. Anthony Pinnunziato, a gay Italian-American from a large chaotic family, wants to marry his boyfriend Andrew Polinski in a traditional Italian ceremony. Anthony's overbearing mother won't give her blessing unless Andrew's estranged mother also gives her blessing and the ceremony is performed by a priest. Matters are further complicated by Andrew's ex-boyfriend, intent on breaking up the couple."

The cast also includes Brett Douglas as Maurizio, Donna Castellano as Angela, Joe Scanio as Joseph, Meridith Cullen as Maria, Justin Flexen as Gregorio, Liz Gerecitano as Lucia, Meagan Robar as Connie, Drew Little as Mario, Michael Gellert as Frankie, Erik Ransom as Rodney and Chad Kessler as Father Rosalia with ensemble members Paul Moon and Leah Gerstel.

St. Luke's Theatre is located at 308 West 46th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues). For tickets, call (212) 239-6200 or visit Telecharge.com. For more information, visit BigGayItalianWedding.com.

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