Barbagia: Sardinia's mysterious mountain villages

Feb 12, 2024 80

BY: Jessica S.Levy

Sardinia usually conjures images of Mediterranean beach vacations, where blue-green waters lap at shores and celebrities float their yachts along the harbor of la Costa Smeralda. While that is a part of the island scene, it’s not the reality for most Sardinians, and certainly not what life is like in Barbagia, the mountainous interior region southwest of Olbia. 

At its highest point, Punta La Marmora rises up to 6,000 feet, where there is plenty of snow during the winter. At any time of the year, the Gennargentu mountains make for an impressive backdrop while driving between villages like Mamoiada, Orgosolo, Oliena, Gavoi and more. 

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