"Artists in Residence": presentation of the catalog of the exhibition by Kikki Ghezzi "The magical cherry tree" at Villa Firenze

Apr 17, 2019 749

The presentation of the catalog of the exhibition "The Magical Cherry Tree" by Kikki Ghezzi crowns the installation of the works of the Milanese artist at Villa Firenze in the framework of the series "Artists in residence".The exhibition inaugurated last autumn aims to connect the two shores of the Atlantic, Italy to the USA, through an ideal dialogue between two cherry trees, one in the park of Villa Firenze and the other in Italy in a place dear to the artist.

Very light sheets hanging from the ceiling and gently moved by the air bring the viewer's imagination away, while the symbolic roots of the two cherry trees recall the deep connection between two distant yet close worlds. Two trees, strong and blossoming, synonymous with life, are a symbol of the lively bond between the USA and Italy.

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SOURCE: https://ambwashingtondc.esteri.it

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