Art or censorship? Expo shows just top of famed David statue

Oct 14, 2021 230

BY: Malak Harb

One of the most talked about attractions at the world’s fair under way in Dubai is a towering statue made of marble dust that’s raising eyebrows just as the original did more than 500 years ago. At Italy’s pavilion, a 3D replica of Michelangelo’s David stands tall, his gaze intense and defiant. For most visitors, though, David’s head is all they will see as they tour the pavilion.

Only VIPs with special access will be able to catch a view of the statue from head to toe while it’s on display for the next six months at Dubai’s Expo 2020. The original David is nude and some visitors see the limited view offered as a form of censorship. Others say the way David is displayed at the Expo is a form of artistic expression.

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