According to Tripadvisor, Rome is the best destination in the world for food lovers

Jan 23, 2022 616

The best destination in the world for lovers of good food? It's Rome, at least according to the Travellers' Choice Awards 2022 of the famous online review portal.  On the podium there are London and Paris, followed by Dubai, Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paolo in Brazil, New York, Bangkok and Singapore. Out of the top ten - in any case dominated by Europe - is Florence, which is in eleventh place in the ranking of the "food" destinations of the year.

"There's a whole world to choose from, and we want to help travelers make the best trips for them, whatever the perfect vacation is," said Steven Paganelli, Director of Tripadvisor America explaining the rankings divided by category, and wishing that 2022 could truly be the breakthrough year for tourism in the post-pandemic era.

"As the world returns to travel, priorities are changing and people want more memorable experiences during their trips. Three-quarters (75%) of Americans say it is important to see new places when planning their future travel plans."

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