A 72-Foot Spire and a 116-Year-Old Tradition in Need of a Few Brooklyn Hipsters

Jul 12, 2019 258

BY: Derek M. Norman

Seven men — three generations of Brooklyn-bred Italian-Americans — climbed up and down a 72- foot tall aluminum spire as they hoisted a statue of San Paolino, an Italian saint, by rope and pulley to the very top."I haven't been this anxious since my wife was in labor", said Mark Mascioli, 43, as he watched from the ground.

"She was the one doing all the work on that day - what's do you do?" another man shouted down, working the crownd that had gathered Sarurday on the corner oh Haverneyer amd North Ninth Streeth in Brooklyn to prepare for the Feast of Our Lady Mount Carmel and san paolino di Nola.

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SOURCE: https://www.nytimes.com

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