18 Ius Soli – 12 Marzo

Mar 08, 2013 2280

"18 Ius Soli" a 2012 Award-winning grassroots Italian documentary by Fred Kuwornu about the issues of immigration and citizenship in modern Italy. In interviews with 18 young men and women, it illustrates the plight of 1.000.000 young people born and raised in Italy but unable to acquire an Italian citizenship, because their parents are immigrants. (In Italy citizenship is conferred according to the Ius Sanguinis, not according to Ius Soli). The movie also includes interviews with Italian politicians (such as former Speaker of the House, Hon. Gianfranco Fini), and several sociologists.

The documentary (about 45 minutes) will be followed by a Q & A with:

Fred Kuowrnu, producer and director of Ius soli, the strange case of citizenship in modern Italy
Timothy F. Mulligan, Esq.†, Catholic Social Services | Immigration Services, Philadelphia
Silvia Galati, LL.M. in International Law, The London School of Economics
Dr. Paola Giuli, Associate Professor of Italian at SJU

Dr. Eugenio Boldrini, Deputy Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia will offer opening remarks.
A reception will follow.

This event is sponsored by: the Consulate General of Italy, the Office of the Provost, the Italian Program, the Office of Multicultural Life, The America Italy Society. A reception will follow.

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