101-Year-Old Italian Grandmother Shares Recipes in New Cookbook From Austin Authors

Nov 02, 2021 637

BY: Erin Russell

In a new cookbook, Heart-Shaped Tomatoes, Austin-based photographer Dimitri Staszewski and brand strategist Madelyn Wigle share recipes and personal essays from Staszewski’s 101-year-old Italian grandmother, Elda Cristini. The book is available for preorder.

The book contains about 20 home-cooking recipes from Cristini, like lasagne, gnocchi, seafood pasta, saltimbocca alla romana. Staszewski was inspired to write the book after photographing Cristini making pasta at her home outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He started the book as a project for his family, but expanded the work as time went on. The book also contains personal essays written by Staszewski and Wigle on the themes of independence, generational knowledge, love, and family.

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SOURCE: https://austin.eater.com/

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