10 things to do in spring in Trentino Alto Adige

Apr 09, 2022 556

This is a spring unlike any other. To be enjoyed outdoors, savouring every moment, like a beautiful conquest. Smell the scent of freshly blossomed flowers, breathe in the mountain air after a long walk, listen to the sound of a stream that breaks the silence of the forest. Precious gems to be treasured with a pure heart and the awareness of the ineffable value of these moments that regenerate body and soul.

These are our 10 little treasures that we share with you, for you to fully experience this beautiful season. 1) A walk among the flowers. In spring, Trentino is aglow with the watercolour hues of fragrant blooms, from white apple to golden globeflower. Strolling through fields and meadows at this time of year is like setting foot in a work of art.

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SOURCE: https://www.visittrentino.info

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