Young ISSNAF Mentorship Program 2018 - 2019: call for applications now open

Sep 22, 2018 468

The Young-ISSNAF Mentorship Program aims at supporting and guiding junior Italian researchers in North America in their career choices and professional growth by matching mentors and mentees within ISSNAF network. While mentorship is a well-developed practice in most Institutions, the Young-ISSNAF Mentorship Program offers junior faculty an external independent support of highly experienced Mentors who share the same cultural and personal background with the Mentee.

The Young ISSNAF Mentorship Program is a 12 months program that aims at promoting professional growth and career development not only in USA and Canada but also in the view of returning to Italy. Contacts between Mentee and Mentor will occur every 2-3 months. All Mentors are recruited among ISSNAF senior affiliates, preferably in the same scientific area of the Mentee.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants for the Mentorship Program should: 1) be registered ISSNAF affiliate. 2) have Italian citizenship; 3) be under 40 years of age or have obtained the PhD/Medical Residency degree no more than 10 years before the day of the mentorship application; 4) currently work in an Institution located in USA and/or Canada.

Application Process
To apply, the candidate should send the application form together with the complete curriculum vitae to ISSNAF Staff will select and match mentor/mentee. ISSNAF staff reserves the right to decline applications. Feedback questionnaires will be sent to both Mentees and Mentors to monitor the effectiveness of the program and keep it up-to-date and effective.


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