What To Know About Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy

Feb 12, 2021 1707

BY: Abigail Napp

Before the pandemic upended travel, Academy Award-nominated actor Stanley Tucci took a series of trips to Italy to document the glories of Italian cuisine. These weren't mere pleasure trips. In February 2020, CNN announced what Tucci was up to: creating a food and travel series that sounded like a love letter to Italy. Sadly, the letter couldn't be sent. 

Now, a year later, “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” debuts on CNN this Sunday, February 14—yes, on Valentine's Day—showcasing Tucci’s beloved ancestral home of Italy, dish by dish, with lush scenery from the countryside and vibrant city streets and trattorias. 

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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