What Is The Feast Of The Seven Fishes And How Did It Become So Popular?

Dec 15, 2022 491

BY: Rich Tozzoli

If you grew up in an Italian-American family, then chances are you celebrated the Feast Of The Seven Fishes as part of your year-end celebrations. Usually observed during Christmas Eve dinner (Cenone della Vigilia di Natale), it’s a special holiday feast that includes seven different types of seafood.

But what’s the connection to seven fishes on Christmas Eve? Let’s explore the history of the Feast Of The Seven Fishes, why it has become such a trendy tradition, and some Feast Of The Seven Fishes menu ideas. The Feast Of The Seven Fishes, or “Festa Dei Sette Pesci”, is a century-old Italian-American tradition that has become increasingly popular throughout the United States.

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SOURCE: https://methodshop.com

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