Watch Giada De Laurentiis surprise a chef who's been cooking for hospital workers

Feb 13, 2021 511

BY: Ree Hynes

Happy tears flowed on Thursday’s “Drew Barrymore Show” thanks to one chef taking a moment out of her busy schedule to honor another chef. It all started when the host of the show introduced her audience to her latest “Drew-Gooder,” a charitable caterer named Antonella Loiacono, who’s used her own company to provide food to front-line workers at 15 Chicago-area hospitals — both as a way to celebrate those heroes and to memorialize someone who meant so much to her.

“My father recently passed away,” Loiacono told Barrymore. “It’s actually (been) two years now on the 12th of this month. He was always a pretty sick guy. He was in various amounts of hospitals, and being by his bedside, he always, always, always wanted us to take care of the nurses, the doctors.” And using food as a way to care for them seemed obvious to her, given how she and her father bonded over a shared love for meals and one talented TV chef.

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