Tony Bennett, at 93: ‘I just want to keep learning and expressing the truth’

Sep 11, 2019 588


Serving pizza and pasta to diners while singing in an Italian restaurant is not part of the typical career path for future music legends. But Tony Bennett isn’t a typical music legend and neither was the start of his career. Indeed, long before he became the world’s most famous nonagenarian vocal star — and even before he made his first record in 1950 — the singer born Anthony Dominick Benedetto cut his teeth as a singing waiter in his Queens, N.Y., hometown of Astoria.

It’s a time he recalls with great relish — or, to be more precise, like a moon hitting him in the eye like a big pizza pie. “I loved that time of my life, and I honestly feel that, if I hadn’t made it professionally, I would be perfectly happy going back to being a singing waiter,” said Bennett, who now lives in a Manhattan apartment within a stone’s throw or two of Central Park.

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