The Timeless Existence of Tony Bennett

Aug 25, 2019 390

BY: Steve Houk

Now considering this happened while he was in his eighties and early nineties, it is a stupendously monumental feat from a record sales perspective. Pretty much unheard of actually, selling those kinds of numbers during your eighth decade, and into your ninth, on earth.

But much more than the record sales, it clearly illustrates the high level of deep adoration and widely swathed respect and admiration that Bennett still globally commands so many years after he humbly began his unprecedented journey on the planet as Anthony Dominick Benedetto, singing to fortunate diners while waiting tables in Astoria, Queens, followed by hunkering down in bunkers while dodging German bullets as an infantryman in World War II, and then returning from the war of all wars to develop, nurture and evolve into one of the greatest singers of all time.

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