The Oriundi – Contributions to the evolution of Jazz

Nov 23, 2015 863

by Giuseppe Milici

Imagination and a musical lexicon that's all we will need to begin our journey through the progression of Jazz Music around the world. The importance of Sicilian musicians in this development, as well as those of Sicilian origin, is evident from the start.

Beginning our brief excursion through the History of Jazz in the 1920th the first name comes in mind maybe Nick La Rocca, founder and leader of one of the most famous jazz band of that time "The Original Dixieland Jazz Band". Nick and his fellows recorded, New Orleans, Louisiana, reputed to be the first Jazz record ever produced, and were therefore instrumental to the unfolding of what became a popular mode of musical expression worlwide. After producing the "absolute first" jazz record, the group had lot of success on tour throughout the United States and Europe, as well, where Jazz was relatively unknown. Nick La Rocca was not the only member of Sicilian origin in the "Original Dixieland Jazz Band"; the group also included: Frank Signorelli on piano and Tony Sbarbaro on drums. Consequently, it is not far-fetched to claim that the first Jazz record was truly an effort "Made in Sicily".

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