The Italian Americans

Oct 31, 2014 1242

The 4 hour PBS documentary "The Italian Americans" is a once in a life time opportunity for discuss the authentic experience of our ethic group. Individuals and groups should put on a bold campaign to use the February premiere and later reruns as TEACHABLE MOMENTS to get our story out, to build the audience, and to generate a healthy discussion of the history, culture, value system etc. of America's Italians.

Award-winning writer and producer John Maggio discussed the film through the deeply moving portrait of Italian American life that includes interviews with Tony Bennett, John Turturro, Gay Talese, Nancy Pelosi and Antonin Scalia, among others. He also spoke about how much of our history has been shaped by the media – and how the story of the Italian American experience has been locked in our families and not often discussed.

When interviewing Italian Americans, Maggio found that many control the narrative by trying to keep what he called "La Bella Figura," (a positive face or angle on the past) and held their real stories deep within their hearts. He said the film is based on many of the family stories he was able to unearth while filming.

The upcoming documentary series, THE ITALIAN AMERICANS, which will air on PBS in February 2015, is narrated by acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci and reveals how Italian immigrants challenged the notion of the American melting pot – choosing instead to maintain their distinct culture and allegiance to family.

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