The 21 Oldest Pizzerias in America

Jul 22, 2015 1697

by Lee Breslouer

Just because a pizza place has stuck around for a long while doesn't mean its pies are anything special... but mostly it does. We tricked you again, it 100% does! And that's certainly the case with these 21 pizzerias from across the country, all of them continuously in operation since the day they opened so many years ago (we included places that were forced to shut for emergency reasons, but then reopened).

Our friend and 'za historian/author Colin M. Caplan, operator of Taste of New Haven, has done exhaustive research for a book slated to be released in 2017 about the "phenomenon of pizza in America through the lens of New Haven," and he points to these spots as being the oldest pizzerias in the US of A.

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