SBPRA Releases Newest Title, 'Umbria Outside My Window'

Aug 20, 2014 795

One day, Nina Hansen Machotka and her husband chanced upon a ruined stone farmhouse in Umbria, in an isolated valley where time seemed to stand still. The crumbling walls and battered staircases whispered to them, and they answered the call.

The stories in "Umbria Outside My Window" recount their adventures of restoring the farmhouse and what it took to realize their dream of moving from California to Italy, but they portray so much more. She says, "Rebuilding the farmhouse is only a part of the bigger picture. The real stories and photos are about what I've seen and experienced outside my window and beyond - the land, the magnificent seasons, the history, culture and art, the festivals and traditions, the food and wine - and above all, the people."

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